Micro Office Systems Case Study

The Client:Micro-Office Systems Inc. (http://micro-officesystems.com) is a leading software customizing firm specializing in enhancing medical practice management systems. Established in 1985, they currently provide interfaces, conversions, reports and add-ons to help medical practices get the most benefit from their practice systems.

The Challenge: Micro-Office Systems is developing a unique system and portal to link medical practice management systems to individual patients and their personal data. A significant and critical element of this system is the Patient Communications Gateway.

Our Role: The Renaissance team worked together with the Project Manager and other developers from Micro-Office Systems. We were specifically responsible for the development of a very high performance and scalable message handling and processing engine.

The Result: Using advanced design patterns and architectures, together with MSMQ and .NET 3.5 SP1 technologies, Renaissance designed and developed a sophisticated application server engine. This application server engine, which is the heart of the Patient Communications Gateway, is composed of several Windows services and a SQL Server database. In addition, we designed and implemented the architecture and interfaces to custom and third-party messaging and delivery systems, including telephony, SMS, and US Postal mail.